How to wear a watch the right way? A beginners guide to improving your style!

How to wear a watch the right way? A beginners guide to improving your style!

Do YOU know how to wear your watch the right way? Here's your ultimate beginners guide to improving  your watch style

Your exclusive looking wristwatch, is the essential finishing touch of every man’s outfit. This is because your timepiece  does more than just show the time. It showcases your sense of style and a sign of confidence and success (especially in the eyes of the opposite sex).

Especially KANE’s exclusive timepieces  have the incredible power to take your everyday style  to the next level instantly without really having to think about what you are going to wear.

However, not knowing how to pair your watch can sometimes make it look like you have no style at all. This is why it is important for every man  like you to understand how to wear a watch the right way – even if you usually stick to wearing basics like jeans and tees in plain colours

When choosing the right  timepiece to go with your outfit you must take into account the level of formality of  the event you are going to attend. You are not going to an extravagant black tie event or a high powered business lunch with  your gym sneakers and the same goes for your watch.

Unless you are into breaking the rules and can get away with it (you know who you are) you don’t wear a casual sportive looking watch to a formal occasion, right? .

Now because you have so many options for f watch brands  to choose from, each with their unique collection and styles  it can often be difficult to know which timepieces are considered formal and which are not. Some look casual and yet are formal and the other way around.

Keep reading to discover how to wear your watch correctly for every occasion, and what you should be looking for when thinking about your  getting your style right so you always look and feel confident. for any occasion.

Formal occasions

Over a century ago it was believed that at formal black tie event a person’s main focus  must be on the topic of conversation at all times. This is the reason it used to be considered very rude to wear a watch at such a formal  event. This style etiquette has (luckily) changed over time , yet this rule does  explain why the watch style for a formal event is nearly always simple and understated.

For formal events, simplicity is really key. A formal dress watch traditionally has a thin strap and a minimalist face to avoid drawing  too much attention.

The goal was to ensure your formal watch it  sat elegantly under the cuff of your dres shirt. And the dial of a formal watch is usually a conservative black or silver combined with brown or black leather watch strap. This gives you,  an understated style without being flashy or show off. An example of an iconic dress watch that is perfect for a formal event  is KANE’s Black Out Black Mesh KANE Watch. It’s exclusive classic look and a Silver Mesh strap complement elegance and gets noticed for the right reasons.


Casual occasions

It is not everyday you have a schedule packed with  formal dinners and meetings so at times you also need a more casual timepiece. A stainless steel watch strap is an ideal choice for your  casual watch option because  it immediately makes it more sportive and downplays the formal look.

Your, casual watches can be a bit more attention grabbing  compared to your formal timepieces. But they don’t have to be the bulky overly sportive type. Especially when it comes to a  a man’s iconic blue watch you do not have to go for a heavy tough look.

Take for instance the  Blue Arctic Silver Mesh KANE Watch, you can  wear this with your casual pair of  jeans and a plain white tee, or a comfortable hoodie and jogging pants.


Just think about your own clothing for a second, the pants you wear, the t-shirts you like and the sweater you have. Can you see how an exclusive timepiece can elevate your style? In our article ‘Choosing a watch: 3 Questions you need to answer you can read about the importance of buying a watch to matches your  personality. This is really important when you wear mostly plain colours and like to keep things clean and simple. . whatever you end up choosing , it's important to to feel comfortable with the type of watch  you are wearing and for which occasion. This must be your number one priority because if something is not congruent with who you are then it is going to look either too show off and attract the wrong attention. You do not want people to misjudge you because of your style, you want them to see the real you.

So are you still unsure about how and when to wear your casual or formal watch?

If for whatever reason you are still uncertain about your style at this point, then matching your casual or formal watch with your shoes could be a good rule of thumb to stick to. By using this surprisingly simple trick you guarantee your watch is in line with at least one part of your outfit and is never looks  misplaced. The goal must always be to make you look and feel great no matter what you wear.

If you do want to go a bit more into detail about how to wear and what, then let me explain. For shoes, black is generally considered dressier, but that doesn't make it the best default choice. Because actually sometimes brown shoes are just as good of an option to wear with your suit. It just depends. Brown shoes go really well with a blue or grey suit for instance.

Basically you need options to keep your style fresh and your watch in line with what you are wearing.  Have you heard of using Interchangeable watch straps? At KANE we created a revolutionary Strap Interchange System® which are a fantastic solution  to mixing and matching your watch with your outfits. For instance you can have a beautiful soft vintage in brown leather strap and a satin polished classic in black leather strap for the same  KANE watch. Pus there are even more options to choose from It’s like having multiple watches in one. You can wear the same watch in different ways. Like a formal watch style with the leather straps or a more casual watch style with the stainless steel mesh straps Take look at KANE’s premium Japanese leather watch  straps is they give you more flexibility when matching your watch to your outfits – and ultimately elevate your style to guarantee you get compliments with whatever you decide to wear!

So whether you are trying to look sharp for your next formal event or you are just looking to boost your day-to-day casual outfits, a high quality timepiece is an absolute must-have accessory you definitely can’t miss. You are going to look so good with a clean and sleek minimalist KANE timepiece around your wrist – no matter what you wear. So what are you waiting for?

Go check out the full collection and pick your favourite colour watch face and matching strap to instantly  skyrocket your style score today!

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