Minimalist Mastery

"In 2013 Japanese minimalism started to get a lot of interest in the West. After traveling to Japan and discovering the minimalist way of life for himself, Christopher designed a watch that captures the essence of time and style. No numerals, no date, no clutter. The story of KANE is about minimalist mastery: keeping your style clean, simple and essential."
Founder & Designer
Christopher Rasker

Nice to meet you! I'm Christopher. After discovering Japanese minimalism on my trip to Japan, I started KANE in 2017. My goal was to create a clean timepiece that you simply can't go wrong with, especially when you have a smaller wrist. Most watches are big: 40mm and up. They are bulky, flashy and cluttered.

KANE's exclusive watch collection is the exact opposite: ultra thin, sleek and clean. In fact, each watch is designed with a rare 39mm size so it fits perfectly on any wrist.

There is simply no cleaner watch on the market today. I look forward to seeing how your KANE completes your style and supports your minimalist mastery.

"Minimalist mastery is achieved through simplifying your life, including your style. It's the ultimate sophistication. "

–Christopher Rasker, founder of KANE


Master minimalism with the ultimate Japanese watch designs made for men.