Choosing a watch: 3 Questions you need to answer

Choosing a watch: 3 Questions you need to answer

Choosing the right watch can be a hassle sometimes to say the least. Not only is it often a sizeable investment, but the watch you choose can have a large impact on people’s impression of you. A timepiece should make a statement, conveying confidence, charisma and success. Choosing the wrong one, however, can leave you with a simply overpriced accessory that  makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable. To make sure that you avoid this situation, we highlighted some of the most important questions you need to answer when making your men’s watch choice. In a couple of minutes you will be ready to shop your watch like a seasoned pro!

  1. What does the watch say about me?

Watches are known to be helpful accessories for individuals to express themselves. Not only does a watch display tell something about your preference and styling, it also possesses the special ability to let your personality talk without saying a word.

The meaning of a watch however, differs from person to person. A high quality gold watch  such as our Gold Rush Classic Black KANE Watch might spell formality for some, while meaning freedom and joy for others. During your ongoing watch search, it is essential that you choose a watch that projects your image - and not someone else’s. A quality timepiece is an investment, so take the time to choose an exclusive men’s watch that makes you feel self-assured, rather than self-conscious.

Minimalistic Gold men's watch

  1. Watches tell stories - What’s yours?

Keeping our first point in mind, it's important that we ask ourselves what story we would like to tell others. KANE for example is based on the Japanese way of life – known as ‘kaizen’ (改善) – each KANE timepiece is a stylish symbol of a man’s continuous improvement. This message gets carried by our happy customers every day. Finding out what story you want your timepiece to carry can be a valuable element in choosing your perfect men’s watch.

This ties back to knowing your personality and deciding how you want to be perceived by others. Are you a real classic type with a more formal presence, in this case, our Silver Steel Vintage Brown KANE Watch might suit you. Or do you recognize yourself to be more sporty and casual looking, if so, taking a look at the Black Out Black Mesh KANE Watch might help. Either way, a comfortable modern looking men’s watch seems to never be a wrong choice.

casual minimalistic black men's watch
  1. What features does my watch need?

To choose a quality men’s watch that’s right for you, you’ll want to consider the features it offers. Does a dial with date and multiple functions suit your style? Or is our modern minimalistic dial more your thing?

Your choice should be influenced by your lifestyle and interests. A male barber for example, might prefer a slimmer dial because he can wear it during his working shifts, while a racing fanatic might want a timepiece with a chronograph or tachymeter, so he can calculate and track lap speeds. Again, it’s wise to evaluate if your men’s  watch choice reflects your personality, lifestyle and interests - it makes very little sense to buy a watch with numerous indicators and complications that have no need or you may never use.

All these choices, leave me choiceless..

After considering the points mentioned above, choosing the right watch could still be a little overwhelming at times. This is where our collection comes into play. All our watches consist of interchangeable straps which make it possible for every watch to be suitable for any occasion. How? With it’s easy click system you can switch your unique watch straps in seconds. No tools required. It’s like having five exclusive timepieces for the price of one with clean combinations for any occasion – from classic to street style.

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