Welcome to the Gold Club!

Welcome to the Gold Club!
Welcome to the Gold Club
The moment that you all have been waiting for so patiently has finally arrived! Meet the first of our KANE Watches Limited Edition models, the Gold Club. We asked what you desired most and you said Gold. So that is exactly what we have brought you!
In line with the KAIZEN State of Mind and the Japanese essentialist movement that form the basis of our core philosophy, the Gold Club is the ultimate expression of the values that drive KANE. As practical and efficient as they are, our timepieces are more than just elegant and clean gadgets to keep you on track and on time. In fact, all of our KANE Watches were designed with the purpose of simplifying our customers’ lives and to empower our wearers to explore and shape their individuality. Our newest model, the Gold Club, goes above and beyond in symbolizing a commitment to personal development and improvement each wearer makes. As such, every KANE you put on, especially the Gold Club is an ultimate representation of your commitment to KAIZEN. The Gold Club is essential for all individuals that value continuous improvement and growth, and strive to be the best version of themselves.
And who doesn’t want to improve themselves? We know that YOU do, and we want YOU to set goals and take decisions that drive change. We want to inspire you to accomplish and achieve what you set out to do and make good things happen. The KANE Limited Edition Gold Club is for those golden moments where you have made progress or achieved something in an area of your life. Whether it’s a hard-earned promotion at work, a newfound love, a torn relationship mended, a new bigger stack of weights at the gym, or a whole week without sugar, the Gold Club reminds you everyday that you’ve done it! If you too believe in and live our KAIZEN philosophy then welcome to the Gold Club!
One of One Hundred!
As the first of our KANE Watches Limited Edition series, the number of Gold Clubs out there is restricted and finite. So be sure to act fast as there are only 100 polished Gold Club watches available for those of you who want to be welcomed into the Club first! Each watch is engraved with an individual number so you can identify which one of the 100 you have managed to get your hands on.
The clean “Champaign” tinted gold color that surfaces our classic 39mm case means that the watch is suitable for both men and women of all skin tones. Furthermore, the contrasting gold and black within the case of the watch perfectly represents the best of both the Dutch and Japanese design cultures harmoniously coming together. The Gold Club possesses a perfect balance in its masculine and feminine features, which makes this watch perfect for every hard-working person – men and women, young or old, this watch is for ALL the achievers out there. And of course, like the rest of our collection, the Limited Edition Gold Club watchcase comes with three matching interchangeable straps, Classic Black, Vintage Brown and Gold Mesh. Below is a short introduction to our new “Gold Edition” straps:
Gold Club x Gold Mesh
Nothing showcases the beauty of Gold quite like our premium quick-release system Gold Mesh strap. Designed to strip the weighted bulk from traditional metal links, the strong Milanese steel is fused for a smooth textured feel. Not only is this sleek strap comfortable to wear but a pleasure to look at, bringing new life into both your casual and business looks. Strap on the Gold Club with these golden plated steel links if your ready to KAIZEN your way to the top!
Gold Club x Classic Black
The clue is in the name – a classy all-time essential for men, this Limited Edition KANE Watches strap has been tailored to look sharp an add sophistication to any look. The classic black just got a whole lot classier - a rich dark Italian genuine leather strap flawlessly rounded off with a gold-colored buckle that makes for a seductive and smart-looking combination when paired with our new Gold Club case. So snap on some of this sweet sophistication and be the best you can be!
Gold Club x Vintage Brown
Rare as it is, Gold has inspired and driven cultures throughout centuries. Our Vintage Brown Gold buckle strap is inspired by the timeless nature of Gold and its appeal to people of all ages. The rustic brown leather has been oil tanned to withstand the test of time, and the gold colored buckle adds that final element of finesse to make the strap match the beautiful Gold Club case. Firmly strap your Gold Club case into the Vintage Brown leather strap and confidently carry your Gold Club from one era into the next as you make the world a better place!
A perfect insignia or statement piece, our limited edition Gold Club is available now for only €129. But be quick as there are only 100 of these special pieces available and these Golden gems are sure to be snapped up quickly. We have designed all of our watches in such a way that your KANE not only goes wherever you go, it also grows with you and we hope that our newest KANE, the Gold Club helps you do just that!
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