Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him
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The best thing about the time that we have is not only making the most of it, but sharing our precious moments with the people who are special to us. And that is what Valentine’s is all about: showing appreciation towards the people who truly deserve it!
We know that you are busy and that finding the right Valentines gift can be challenging. So we have put together a few of our favorite watch styles to help you choose the best gift for your deserving man! Also, we have matched our recommended watch to the style and fashion that they pair with best so that you can select the ideal timepiece that suits your man.
Black Out Black Mesh
When you go black you never go back and this really seems to be the case with our hugely popular Black Out Black Mesh watch. This robust and powerful piece redefines modern street style while maintaining a strictly minimal and monochromatic look. The Black Out is for the guys out there who enjoy smart simplicity, appreciate contemporary street wear and don’t have time to mess about. If your man loves the black on black look then this is the absolute perfect watch or him!
Blue Arctic Silver Mesh
Sleek and radiant, the Blue Arctic paired with a silver Milanese Mesh strap exudes effortless elegance. With its rich royal blue sunray dial and silver details this watch is for the sharp modern gentleman. Casual or formal, at work or at home, this combination quite simply always works. And for only €99 this piece elevates your style, bringing you towards another level of class – a must have for any on the go gentleman.
Gold Club Vintage Brown
If there was ever a time for Gold it is now. With just the right amount of shine, the Gold Club Vintage Brown combines a black face with subtle hints of Gold for a classy statement piece. Does your man enjoy the energy of the city during the night? Well the Gold Club, inspired by Tokyo nightlife, is for the guys that take time to look dapper and boy do they do it well! Every man needs a piece of gold in their wardrobe and we think this timepiece is that! 
Black Code Classic Black
This timepiece is for the man who appreciates timeless fashion and style. He knows what he wants and likes and is happy to stick to those principles. The Black Code Classic Black does just that with its sharp and clean lines that come alive within a jet-black onyx watch face. The Black Code is an ode to the traditional while maintaining its stature in the modern era. A real classic.
So now you know what elegant timepiece to get your special man this Valentines. If you are looking for a different style then don’t hesitate to take a look at our full collection. And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to our newsletter in order to receive a special Valentines offer that shouldn’t be missed! All in all, we hope you manage to find the perfect gift and happy Valentines.
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