Tokyo Transcendence SS18

Tokyo Transcendence SS18
Welcome to Tokyo Transcendence. Do you like testing your limits? Seeing how far you can push yourself? Going beyond your comfort zone? The good news is that if you frequently feel this way you are already different from the rest. In fact, just having the desire to surpass your usual limits puts you above the average and on the path of constant improvement. This continuous development in Japan is called “Kaizen” and as you know already, is the philosophy behind everything that we do at KANE.
"Surpass your usual limits"
However, working on you is tough! Every day we face distraction from our daily flow of things from phone calls, notifications, invites, friends, family and other peoples expectations. In a world that seems to be getting faster and faster it can feel as though you have very little time to focus on the things that really matter to you.
But fear not! Because at KANE we are dedicated to helping you hack time and transcend past it so that you too can continuously improve each day. This is Tokyo Transcendence. Have you ever felt that feeling of being completely “in the zone?” When everything you do flows naturally and you are fully absorbed in the moment? At this point, you begin to transcend time as you become completely focused on the present moment. This is the mindset you want to be in every single day as you work towards your goals.
"Find that state of flow to transcend time"
Tokyo Transcendence is about discovering that mindset so that you can reach past the existing confines you once had. Each KANE watch is a symbol of the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen.” They are designed to be your stylish reminder to focus on the things that really matter so you can improve over time. Less distraction leads to more progress, which is why each minimalistic detail on every KANE is essential.
"Focus on the essential"
So as you work on yourself day in day out, boundaries will start to fade away. Time will stand still and enable you to achieve anything you put your mind to. That is when you meet your future self. The new version of you that has hacked time to your advantage. Just as Tokyo is at the forefront of technology, design and productivity, each KANE timepiece is forward thinking, elevating both your style and mindset, bringing you to the next level. This is Tokyo Transcendence.
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