The KANE Watch Design

The KANE Watch Design

Design is where it all begins. In fact, at KANE, functional design is one of the most important aspects for us when it comes to the creation of a watch. Designed in the heart of Amsterdam and inspired by the minimalist lifestyle movement in Tokyo, Japan, each KANE is forged with the same identity as the cities that stimulated its design; forward thinking and dynamic.


Our select range of smart and beautifully crafted watches provide flexibility in the world of fast forward fashion through a versatile and modular design. We like to challenge the idea that an expensive or flashy watch defines who you are by creating elegance through simplicity and clean lines. Ultimately, every man has a right to look good – that is why our collection is available for as little as €99 so that they are accessible to everyone.

Minimalistic Aesthetics 

Minimalism is centered on the idea of removing unnecessary clutter from one’s life and placing focus on what is truly important, your time. In essence, it is all about making more out of less, and this is what we aim to offer to anyone who wears a KANE. We create watches with simplistic beauty in mind, making sure that the most essential aspect of the watch, the timepiece, is well defined to make sure you keep on time throughout your day. 

Japanese Quartz movement by Seiko

We only work with the best, which is why we collaborate with one of the oldest and largest watch specialists, Seiko, to develop our efficient Quartz movement. The movement (you can read more in-depth about this in our previous blog post) is the mechanics that make your KANE function efficiently. Powered by Quartz, the batteries inside our watches will last for 3 years while providing you with the most accurate time along the way. By partnering with SEIKO we can confidently provide you with extremely accurate and functional watches.

Interchangeable Straps 

We believe in empowering individuality so that you may live by your own design rather than by default. With this in mind, each watch is designed to cater to a collection of freely interchangeable straps. The functionality of these straps enable you to customize the look and feel of your watch to match your personal style or mood. Our straps come in both Stainless Steel Mesh and genuine leather and are available in six unique color ways.

Through functional design and driven by KAIZEN principles of continuous improvement, we seek to inspire you to grow and become the best version of yourself, one day at a time through our essential range of Japanese inspired minimalistic watches. Why? Because it’s your time! 


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Keep it Clean. Simple. Essential

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