Styles of the Month - May 2017

Styles of the Month - May 2017

It’s almost here! Summer that is (at least if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere) and with it, the start of the outside season as people flock from their homes to celebrate life in the sun. Finally!! It is always amusing to notice the brave few who emerge in sandals, shorts and a T-shirt at the very first glimpse of summer. However, this May in Amsterdam was not quite devoid yet of the many layers that define clothing for the colder months. In fact, May can be one of the best times of the year when it comes to fashion as you’re outfits can be lighter due to the hotter weather but still consist of some interesting details and layers.


Below, we showcase a few of our preferred May looks from some of our influencers around the world. All of our influencer’s attires follow our minimalistic and essential values while including a shot of color and individualism. We hope that their selections inspire you for the early stages of summer!


Monochromatic Denim
by @maximilin

What we love about the two styles shared by @maximilin below is that they show how our most in demand watch of the season, The Blackout Mesh, is easily adaptable to any outfit, either monochromatic or colorful. It is a daring man who attempts to wear denim on denim, yet if you manage to combine it neatly, the material can be ideal for everyday usage and perfect for a warmer climate. Likewise, a simple and comfortable cardigan or cotton blazer is a great lightweight option for a slightly more formal occasion. To finish off your May look, a pair of oversized aviators by Ray Ban sunnies, as worn by @maximilin, are timeless shades that exude taste and most importantly protect your eyes from the sun.

Retro Short and Long Sleeve T's
by @jeremyziessen and @itsmarcel
Long sleeve or short sleeve? The debate rages on even though the obvious answer may be; short sleeve for when it’s hot outside and long sleeve for when it’s cool. However, we think that having both avoids the stress of decision making. Especially during May where the weather can take an unexpected turn, having a choice of long and short sleeve tops is always a smart move. We think that the classic “3 stripe” Adidas Originals collection is an iconic and smart style that has brought the 80’s back into fashion. The clean and simple design is something that we are of course fond of and they make an ideal pairing with you’re KANE making these retro fit shirts an essential item to spice up your summer panache.
Badass and Simple
by @dnnmmod 

You can be as flamboyant as a peacock in Spring if you want! However, at the end of the day you can also never go wrong with the tried and tested, yet never boring, jeans and dark top combo. Owning several pairs of quality denim jeans is worth the investment and at times, during the summer, they can be the real attention grabbers of your outfits. Too warm for jeans you ask? Then join the trend and cop a pair of rugged ripped jeans (for the best fit always go for trousers that are ripped at the knee so they wrap comfortably when you sit or move). @dnnmmod shows us that despite Spring was vibrant and colorful, in Summer you can keep your palette minimal, combining tones of blue, black and grey in a chic and contemporary manner. We think that our Blue Arctic collection is the most appropriate choice for the days when you leave the house in blue denim. Moral of the story then; keep it clean and minimal.


We hope these influencers and outfits have given you some inspiration for your summer style choices and look forward to seeing with what summer looks you will match your KANE! If you don’t have yours yet or simply want to have one more, remember, you can win this watch!

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