Styles of the Month - March 2017

Styles of the Month - March 2017
 The weather throughout the month of March has really been erratic. Sometimes the sun was shining as hot as in summer, whilst other days the wind was blowing cold as if it were desperately grasping onto the last remains of winter. In short, this time of year has been a battle of seasons. On a positive note, the frequent fluctuation between rain and shine created a harmonious balance between hot and cold, that made March the ideal time to showcase a mix of both winter and summer apparel across all your outfits.
Below, we have chosen a few of our iconic March looks which playfully blended monochromatic scales of grey and synthesized modern street style with minimalistic elements of classic chic.
But we are not the only ones doing this. Here is how some of our influencers and style bloggers have interpreted and integrated elements of this seasonal juncture in their individual March styles (all featuring their favorite KANE Watches of course). Hopefully through these features, we can all be inspired to generate our own balanced style in the upcoming months - before the heat of the summer hits and spring realises its existence.  
KANE Spring Style #1: The Functional Classic
@chrisfraas sporting the Black Code x Urban Grey
Based in Munich, Germany our boy @chrisfraas maintains a style that is both functional yet stylish. What he does best with his daily outfits is maintaining a clean and classic look, while keeping it essential and down-to-earth comfortable. Chris does this by complementing traditional colors, smart cuts and materials with a more attention seeking piece, such as a bold sweater by Kenzo or a draping pastel scarf as seen in the picture below. He keeps it smart, he keeps it comfy and he keeps it practical for this time of the year. 
KANE Spring Style #2: The Monochromatic Essential
@Micha.kara features our Blackout Black Mesh
Also hailing out of Germany, @Micha.kara is an influencer who expresses his creativity through the combined outlets of fashion, fitness and lifestyle. If you are wondering how to dress on point for different occasions @Micha.kara is a man worth following. Micha’s outfit below reflects the saying “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” through his marriage of black and whites. The perfect seasonal cardigan provides that extra warmth and clean, fresh finish. The ripped jeans add an casual element to this classic outfit making it a great choice for a lukewarm March days. 
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