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Styles of the Month - Autumn 2017

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It’s been a while since our last Styles of the Month post but now that the leaves are beginning to fall and the colder weather is slowly creeping in, its time for some Autumn style inspiration! It hasn’t been the hottest of summers here in Amsterdam but for all you fashion heads out there, its hard not to be excited by the arrival of fall. Especially since it means your now able to wear more than just a simple T-shirt and dress yourself from head to toe with fresh layers. Because Autumn in many places is such a picturesque season that fills city streets and parks with an array of golden and brown flora and fauna its always a safe bet to stick with seasonal colors. And although fall may bring an array of darker shades to match with the cooler and darker season, the best way to break that up is to add a smart splash of color to make your look instantly more dynamic. Our collection of watches gives you a selection of unique color-ways to easily help spice up any outfit with a choice of blue, silver, black and gold faces. Here are some of our trendy KANE influencers who have incorporated a touch of color into their Autumn styles while still maintaining a clean and simple look.
Pink! Worn by:
Real men wear pink and someone who rocks this palette really well is London based Manuel Enrique. Be careful not to over complicate your outfit with too many colors as that will likely not come off! Here Manuel wears a pink jumper complimented by skinny plain black jeans. To add a little extra to his outfit, he has gone with the Blue Arctic Silver Mesh watch that adds an extra kick of refreshment to his overall look. The blue of our Blue Arctic collection is subtle enough to not distract yet bright enough to stand out. You cant really go wrong with a comfortable light jumper and a sturdy pair of jeans making this grouping a perfect one for those warmer Autumn days.
 A jacket and shirt worn by:
@Loranvonliebenstein and @Nicomalito
In style, sleek and perfect for fall, a decent jacket is a must for your October outfits. Not only are leather and denim jackets timeless, smart and practical, they give your outfit fresh character while making sure that you are kept nice and warm. Both Loran and Nico are pictured here wearing a well fitted jacket draped over a light colored shirt. Adding a strong color or pattern that sits underneath a plain jacket is a neat way to make your outfit unique, interesting and cool. We are a big fan of making big statements in a subtle way and complimenting a clean jacket with a contrasting shirt is a great way to walk confidently through the streets during this season. Both Loran and Nico finish off their looks with our Silver Steel faces paired with a Classic Black and Silver Mesh strap respectively.
Tones of beige worn by:
@Micealokane and @operationblackfox
It is now fall and that means it’s the right time to wear fall colors. Beige or Camel is a tone that you cannot leave behind as its neutral shade makes it an ideal piece to combine with pretty much anything. It is also the season of our Black Out collection (with Halloween on the horizon) and both Miceal and Black fox rock the classy Black Out faces. The charcoal black face of the watch goes brilliantly with beige clothing and stands out strongly against it. Whether you consider it beige or camel, the way to wear it this seasons is to be bold with it just like our Black Out collection. Breaking up a heavy beige outfit is a good idea with a well placed black, navy or grey detail, similar to how Miceal wears it.
These are just a few of our favorite trends that we have noticed among our influencers and one thing that we believe will make a statement this Autumn is to use seasonal colors to maximize your style. Keeping it simple with a nice mixture of tones will not only make you feel fresh but it will also make matching your KANE watch to your outfit seamless and easy. With Halloween just around the corner as well we hope that the styles on show here inspire you to look your best even if you are covering yourself in ghost costumes, blood, fake teeth and face paint later in the month!
The Blackout collection is our timepiece for this season as it fits with the dark and mysterious nature of Halloween while being a crisp addition to your Autumn gear. The weather might be getting duller and the light more dark but that does not mean you have to dim down your October outfits. So strap on one of our Black Out combinations and own the streets in this season of trick or treats. We have just fully re-stocked our watches and so hurry to get your KANE before you miss out! Also, Tomorrow (October 18th) we will be beginning our Black Out Halloween Bundle Giveaway on both our Instagram and Facebook pages so be sure to stay tuned for some really exciting prizes!
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