Spring Feature - New Inverse Models

Spring Feature - New Inverse Models
The All New Inverse Collection
Finally Spring is here! The nice weather marks a time of transformation, change and new beginnings. Just in time for Easter, we at KANE are delighted to announce the arrival of four brand new Inverse Models! All four Inverse models are of course super clean and sharp, just like you have become accustomed to from our existing KANE Watches. But these models are different, adding something fresh and new to our collection by exploiting the multi-functionality of our interchangeable straps and modular design. We hope the Inverse will widen the grins on your already beaming faces! J Our Inverse models do not only accentuate the months of April and May, they also reflect the KANE “Kaizen” philosophy. As we strive for perfection, seeking to continuously improve and refine our watches for you, we hope to inspire you to do the same through continuous self-improvement. We want you to become the best versions of yourself, through continuous improvements in health, wealth,
and of course style.
Currently the Inverse models are exclusively available through our April Giveaway competition, where we are giving you the chance to win not just one, but both, of the sleek Inverse models featured below. In the spirit of Easter we are feeling as festive and generous as the many mothers and fathers who populate their homes and gardens with chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits for their kids. Therefore the April giveaway competition includes two watches instead of one, and leaves it completely up to you to decide who will be the winners of the two Inverse models. 
To find out how you can still take part over the weekend head over to our Instagram or follow this link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSbFne6A1Kd/?taken-by=kanewatches 
  1. Follow us on Instagram (5points)
  2. Regram this post with #inversekane (3 points)
  3. Tag your friends via the comments (1 point for each friend)
The winner with the most points will be announced on April 10th 2017 and he or she will receive both new inverse models!
The Inverse collection combines the original Black Code and Blackout faces with both the black and silver mesh straps respectively. This combination creates an elegant, smooth and urban impression, yet visually stands out as something different that not every other watch brand has, and thus makes it the perfect spring accessory. During a time where the surrounding fields of Amsterdam are knitted with an array of colorful tulips and vibrant life, the contrasting black and silver tones of the Inverse models provide you with crisp and fresh elements to complement and finish your spring outfits.
Interested in becoming one of our influencers or want your styles to be featured in one of our blogs? Drop us an email to social@kanewatches.com
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