Our First Blog...

Our First Blog...

After researching and analysing fashion trends, whilst interviewing young men about their opinions and concerns about fashion and watches. We began to extract some conclusions.

Many watches on the market are expensive, with price ranges that make it unattainable for young men to buy. Those watches are not easily adaptable into any outfit/ style and this results in the watch defining the person instead of the person defining the watch. That’s the reason KANE Watches was born; to create a minimal men’s watch that can fit any style.

KANE Watches minimal mens watches with interchangeable straps, part of our collection.

KANE Watches is a fashion watch brand for men, our watches are designed in the heart of Amsterdam. Incorporating both Dutch design heritage and the minimalist movement in Tokyo, based on re-adopting the minimalism in everyday life. They strike a perfect balance between essential function and timeless style. A watch for the everyday style, suited to any occasion. See the collection here.

What drives us at KANE Watches is empowering young men to make their vision, their reality. The name KANE Watches derives from the Japanese word “kaizen” meaning improvement. Find out more here.

The way we chose to demonstrate this was through every detail in the watch design, such as the angular shaped hands, the edged crown at 4PM, the powerful logo, the texture and colour of materials.

KANE Watches minimal men's watch with interchangeable straps, Blue arctic men's watch case featuring blue face. Set on a stainless steel men's interchangeable watch strap.

KANE Watches exudes modern masculinity. By using a selection of high quality materials, we designed an essential watch for men with interchangeable strap to complement your wardrobe and who you are.

See our range of interchangeable straps and choose your favourite combination. Adapt your watch to any occasion and any outfit from our selection of premium Italian leather straps to the stainless steel mesh strap in both silver and blasted black. Pick your combination here.

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