LA Vibes and Summer Watch Super Sale

LA Vibes and Summer Watch Super Sale

Welcome to LA Vibes!

And vibes it is with the Summer season now in full momentum and our Summer Sale just beginning. Following on from our Tokyo Transcendence campaign, LA Vibes is all about the sensations we experience in Summer and the importance of making the most of this warmer time of the year. It is also about creating good vibes, auras, energy or whatever you want to call it, and our watches are specifically designed to help elevate your style and boost your confidence as you work day in and day out improving yourself.
So for our Summer campaign, we linked up with two of our laid back LA Friends, Richard & Jonathan who hit up the palm filled, sun-kissed neighborhood of Venice Beach with a selection of our nicest summer watches. Now you too can look this fresh! So why wear a KANE in the Summer?

Water Resistant to 5ATM

One great aspect of our watches is that they are all equipped with water-resistant capabilities up to 5ATM. Most watches are water-resistant up to 3ATM, however just in case you enter the shower with your KANE on wrist, we didn’t want you to ever worry, which is why we made our watches resistant up to 5ATM. So what do these numbers mean? It means that each KANE will resist water getting inside until the pressure of the water is 5ATM. In other words, your timepiece is water resistant to 5 atmospheres, which translates to a water depth of 40 meters. So yes, if you step into the shower or dip in for a swim equipped with your KANE you have no reason to worry. This also means that, if you head out to the beach and get your watch covered in sand, it can be easily washed with a sprinkle of water.

Anti-Scratch Hardened Mineral Crystal Glass

Each KANE is fitted with a hardened mineral crystal glass that helps protect against any scratches and wear and tear. We all hate that feeling when we purchase a new watch and then we slightly damage the face because of a clumsy movement. However, you wont have to worry about ever experiencing that with a KANE watch so you can enjoy everything you do during the summer without feeling restricted.

Summer Super Sale

Finally, you can get yourself a watch that is actually practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing, completing your Summer look. In fact, our Summer Sale just dropped so this week only we are giving you:

€20 OFF Any Watch + FREE Priority Shipping (1-3 days)

Simply use the code: SUMMERTIME20


at checkout to claim your Super Sale! Hurry while stocks last!

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