KANE on Tour #1 - Prague

KANE on Tour #1 - Prague
Welcome to our very first KANE on Tour blog post! As KANE continues to grow and reach the far corners of the globe, we will be sharing monthly features on destinations where our watches have travelled too. For our very first post, we donned the Blackout Mesh and journeyed to the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. We hope you enjoy our first destination guide and our Blackout Mesh focus.
Golden bridges, golden beer, golden castles that housed golden crowns, and golden cobblestone alleyways is what makes the capital of the Czech Republic one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. In addition to its natural beauty and rich history, Prague is also one of the most enjoyable, carefree and affordable districts in the Eurozone. Whilst it is the 14th largest city in Europe, it has a familiar feel to it, and the close proximity of attractions in the center makes the city’s size easily manageable. This means that the culture of Prague can be experienced in only a short weekend getaway, something that we at KANE had to experience.
The Blackout Mesh was our choice of watch for our trip to Prague. Formal and smart yet through the matte black ion-plated finish casual enough to make the statement that we were there for leisure and not just business. The Blackout was also a convenient and practical option for the travels ahead. KANE Watches are truly slim and sleek with a case height of only 7.5mm, and with a total of 68 grams the lightweight stainless steel Blackout Mesh added a much needed lightness, to juxtapose the heavy luggage we brought along. The easily functional triple lock security buckle (a detail on all our watches) was something we were especially grateful for during the hassle of security checks at the airport.
Once in Prague, the monochromatic black steel stood out boldly among the colorful streets of the city and in a place where high fashion is emerging quickly, we felt dressed appropriately. The robust minimal men’s watch exudes masculinity and its flexibility in matching with a range of various outfits makes the Blackout Mesh a seamless companion for your travels.
From Prague Castle to the Old Town Square we travelled forwards through the city propelled and driven on by our KANE companion who constantly reminded us of the few hours we had left. If you are ever in Prague for only 48 hours, we believed that the following districts are the areas worth a cheeky visit:
Prague 1: The Old Town
No trip to Prague is complete without spending time within its most famous and consequently most tourist filled district. It is here, in the old town, that you will find the enchantment the city is renowned for through its maze of lanes to the top of church spirals and of course, the many bridges that connect the old town with the new town. If you don’t mind the bustle and usual chaos that occupies this area then Prague 1 is where your explorations should begin, and if you dive deep enough you’re sure to discover diamonds and gems that are hidden in paths less taken.
Prague 7: The Arts District
Sitting just above the bowl that is filled by Prague 1, this district begins with the beautiful Letna Park where arguably the best viewpoint of old town Prague is. Walk further and although your first impressions of this area may not be exquisite, the number of newly established bars, cafes, independent shops and boutiques that are sprouting up at a rate like skyscrapers in Dubai is transforming a once unsightly block into an attractive and vibrant hangout. As a startup ourselves, if we were to open shop in Prague, it would be here - Laid back, chilled and developing day by day.
Prague 2: The New Town
The classification of this district does not imply that it is second best to its neighbor, Prague 1, and although It may not contain the cultural vigour or most recommended points of interest, Prague 2 deserves to be among the most suggested areas because of its surplus of architectural beauties, parks with stunning backdrops and an almost unlimited number of dining, drinking and partying options. The key feature of Prague 2 is that it enables you to experience Czech culture in a more authentic way yet still remains virtually close to everything. 
Top Attractions
Prague Castle and Golden Lane - Prague 1
Letna Park and Stalin Monument - Prague 7
Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square - Prague 1
Charles Bridge and Kampa Park - Prague 1
Prague National Gallery and Vystaviste - Prague 7
National Theatre and Dancing House - Prague 2
If you are a romantic poet, a morning jogger, a university historian, ageing dad, fashion guru, photographer or alcoholic, The old and new town of Prague will likely capture your soul, making you fall in love with journeying through the countless squares and lanes that create the city’s veins. 
To round it all off, we had dinner at Kampa Park followed by a few too many drinks at Cloud 9 Sky Lounge on our last night. All would have been lost without our KANE companion, who kept us focused the next morning as we rushed to the Vaclav Havel International Airport. We nearly missed our flight but made it just in time. Finally sitting, in the left window seat of a bright blue three-man row somewhere in the back of the KLM plane, I glanced down to my wrist, where my Blackout Mesh makes me think of the short but sweet time spent here, and I can’t help feeling that I’ve done something right.
Focus on what is truly important. Feed your mind. Eat well and travel often.
Keep it KANE.
Have a great week Everyone!
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