KANE Watches Connection to Japan

KANE Watches Connection to Japan

When you see the KANE logo on the face of our watches or buckle and clasp it is subtly accompanied with “AMS|TYO" underneath. In our "About Us" section on our website, you see we mention Tokyo, Kaizen and Japan quite a lot. But, why? What’s the connection between KANE Watches and Japan?

In this blog we are going to give our take on Tokyo and the several ties that connect us here at KANE Watches with Japan.

Want to know more? Find out below.

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First of all, the minimalist movement in Tokyo inspires the design of our watches. This movement could also be called (getting back to basics or) an essentialist movement. We don't require a stop watch function, date teller or hidden camera attached to our watches. Our watches are clean and feature the essentials for telling the time.
More and more people in Japan are adapting to an essential lifestyle. Which means they acquire just the basics, essential products and objects they need for their daily lives. That way they save space and separate themselves from the consumerist society. Our watches have been designed with this mentality in mind. The end result? A clean, tidy and stylish watch. 

Returning back to the basics can be displayed in many different levels; from the clothes you wear (some people tend to buy plain T's and more essential clothes nowadays), to the interior design of their homes.

More Japanese are choosing a simple, clean and minimal interior design. Black, grey and white have become the main colors, and you can see them predominately feature in the style they wear to the essential items they surround themselves with.

If you are intrigued and  want to know more about the Japanese essentialist / minimalist movement check this article here.
Another main connection between KANE Watches and Japan is the movement inside our watches. We use the Miyota Movement by Citizen. This Japanese company is known around the world for their excellent reputation of making watch movements, as they are long lasting, durable, innovative and very accurate.

These are just two of the connections between KANE Watches and Japan, and they are a foundational pillar for KANE Watches. The essential and minimal design of our office and watches ties into the essential Japanese lifestyle, while the Miyota movement gives the watches the Japanese precision required.

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