KANE Stories - Kevin

KANE Stories - Kevin
KANE Stories is all about featuring men who believe, live and breath the “Kai-Zen” state of mind. Through a series of short videos, we hope to give you a look into the lives of the creative and ambitious guys who choose to wear a Kane.
For our first episode we linked up with talented Amsterdam based barber, Kevin Siew who freshens up men’s hair at the Day Studios in the Daily Paper Store while wearing our best seller, the Black Out Black Mesh watch. You can watch what he had to say to us via the link underneath here of read the interview transcript below.

Watch the Interview here

Who are You?
Hi I’m Kevin, I am 27 years old and I’m almost working 4 years as a barber.
How did you discover your passion?
I had to do something to change my life and I didn’t know what to do but one day my girlfriend came up to me and she had at that time a bob cut with a short pony fringe. I just watched a couple tutorials and I gave her a small cut with regular scissors and it made a change! And since then I was looking for hairdressing schools or a barber school and I found a pretty good barber school, since then everything went pretty quick.
Why did you choose KANE?
So the reason why I choose KANE is because it is timeless, it fits with every outfit I wear and also it fits with my job as a barber.
What KANE watch and why?
So my favorite watch is the KANE Black Out watch, which is the one I’m wearing right now, the reason I chose this color is because I like the basic colors, it fits with every outfit and for me, this watch is a daily essential that I can’t miss.
To shop Kevin’s favorite watch style, click the link below: 

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