KANE on Tour #7 - Los Angeles

KANE on Tour #7 - Los Angeles

The KANE on Tour (KOT) Blog series was called to life with a single purpose in mind: to travel and explore as much of the globe as possible. If you haven’t done much traveling yet, remember the world is potentially humongous, so it’s never to early to start! If you can’t get the time off work to travel as much as you would like, we respect that – a KANE man is a hardworking man – but by proxy then, let KANE take you on tour to some of the world’s most interesting and iconic destinations the world has to offer.


We are on a quest! In fact, as we move on from our first year of producing essential men’s watches and into the second, our hunger and desire to bring you stylish timepieces inspired by the Japanese essentialist movement is greater than ever. With greater ambition comes a determination to reach new heights and uncover unexplored horizons. For that reason, we were delighted to be approached and invited by the Municipality of Amsterdam and Dutch Basecamp to join them on a Dutch trade-mission to the United States. Dutch Basecamp believes in the necessity of startups and helps innovative and exciting brands, like KANE, scale internationally. We gladly accepted their invitation with our goals in mind of wanting to expand into the American market. So alongside the mayor of Amsterdam and other promising Dutch startups we made our way to the City of Angeles to reconnoiter new frontiers.


KANE in Los Angeles

We landed on the West coast in an unusually rainy LA (don’t blame us for bringing the Amsterdam weather) but thankfully with all of our watches made to be water-resistant to 5ATM we weren’t worried to keep our KANE’s on display. Alarm bell, gym workout, shower, breakfast and morning meetings became our daily routine at the start of our trip. Having a consistent morning routine is something we all believe in at KANE as it helps to kick-start your day in a positive and refreshing way, making sure that the use of your time throughout the day is fully maximized. One tip to ease your way into having a more effective morning routine is to make your bed when you wake up. This helps to develop will power and gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment for completing the first task of your day however small it may be! Our first three days in LA were devoted to meeting inspiring entrepreneurs from small and large companies such as media agency Media Monks and advertising giants 72andsunny. These organizations not only provided us with great contacts for when we truly execute the American market, but also illuminated the opportunity in front of us as we “Go for Gold” this year! A highlight from the start of our trip was being invited to the official unveiling of the artist’s Rembrandt’s masterpieces at the Getty Center in Western LA. As advocates of quality Dutch design we enjoyed the evening fully among good company.


LA Summer Campaign

As the trade-mission came to an end, and consequently as the sun began to shine over Los Angeles, we dedicated the rest of our time there to creating content for our 2018 Summer Campaign. What better place to do it then under the palm trees of the Golden state right! The location that we chose for our shoot was Santa Monica and Venice Beach. This area with its laid-back vibe, towering palm trees, surplus of café’s and food joints really expresses the LA lifestyle, which is why we chose this area. Our two male models, Jonathon and Ricky who both have an interest in men’s fashion and watches as well as looking great were the ideal men to showcase our essential timepieces while the campaign was captured by the incredibly talented Kathryn Page who has shot for Vogue, GQ, Harpers Bazaar, Apple Music and more. The full day shoot at Santa Monica not only gave us a bit of a tan but also produced some of our best content to date and we can’t wait to share it with you at the start of summer! 


"It’s Your Time"

A major reason that we made the trip to LA was to promote our recently released Hollywood production; KANE It’s Your Time. If you haven’t yet seen the short movie, the film follows and aspiring DJ through the theme of dream vs reality, filmed in a mixture of noir and modern styles as he journeys towards discovering himself and his true passion. You can view the film here:

"It’s Your Time."


The movie was directed by our friend and filmmaker Brendan G Murphy and shot by his brother Kieran J Murphy. Based in the home of film, we spent much of our time promoting “It’s Your Time” to the film community in and around Los Angeles. At KANE we like to do things a little differently and being the first watch brand ever to create a film of this kind we are seeking to enter it into various film festivals in both America and Europe while hopefully inspiring people to think differently and be bold to try new things.

Watches to help you hack time

Our time in LA was hugely successfully and returning to Amsterdam despite being slightly jetlagged gave us even more energy and determination to continuously improve the way that we work and the watches that we create. We learned a lot, met many great people, shot some fantastic content and understood how to best expand into the American market once the time is right. We are on a quest to reach new corners of the world while helping you to hack time and use our most precious asset to our advantage. What if we could give you back one hour in your day is that something you would be interested in? Of course you are! And throughout this year we will be giving you the tools, tips and suggestions to help you avoid distraction and make the most of your time. For now, we hope you enjoyed our latest KOT and we will certainly be making the trip to Los Angeles again soon! 


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