KANE on Tour #4 - Mauritius

KANE on Tour #4 - Mauritius
 Summer at KANE has been everything that we could have wished for and we hope that you are all enjoying these warm months just as much! Our visit to the South and West of France (which you can read about in our previous KANE on Tour blog post) got us hooked! We experienced a serious case of travel fever expressed by the burning desire to go further and explore a distant land that would satisfy our cravings for the sun and sand, and fill our memory banks for the colder months to come. We couldn’t think of a much better destination to soak up the sun and harvest some inspiration than the beautiful Eden of Mauritius. So, with our Silver Steel Silver Mesh combination (a watch that we knew would be suited to the tropical terrain of the island) we headed over the African continent to the island that sits east of Madagascar.
After a long and slightly strenuous journey, the doors of our airplane opened to an orchestra of tropical birds, a warm breeze and a scent of coconut oil that instantly reminded us why we had made this trip. Driving towards our beach resort, the vibrancy of life on the island cluttered the streets and we were so captivated that we almost forgot about the KANE on our wrist. One great aspect about the Silver Steel Silver Mesh is that the metal strap is extremely lightweight, soft and fits comfortably on your wrist. Almost too comfortably in fact, making it easy to forget you are wearing anything at all. A local islander once told Mark Twain that ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius’. From the initial impression we were given, we began to contemplate and understand how right Mark Twain was.
Yes, the island is famous for its sapphire-blue waters, pearlescent sands and luxury holiday resorts that stretch around its shores, but what we discovered is that Mauritius has much more to offer. If you are a foodie then rejoice because the destination is rapidly gaining a reputation for its culinary delicacies – something we were privileged enough to experience first hand! Dressed in our sleek Silver Steel for both informal lunches and formal dinners we were lucky enough to sample foods from a range of backgrounds including, Indian, Chinese, French and Creole. If we had to recommend one thing to definitely try and taste, it would be the fresh fish served straight from the boat at local beachside shacks. This became a favored activity of ours and we spent many hours indulging in great fish while on the beach gazing at the sunset over the Indian Ocean.
Mauritius is also a huge wildlife Island and interestingly the country has saved more birds from the cusps of extinction than any other country in the world. To experience this (even though there is an abundance of wildlife everywhere) we visited Casela Park, a natural animal reserve with birds, turtles, zebra’s, giraffes and more. One particular Zebra seemed to be especially fond of the Silver Steel timepiece we had on. He probably thought that the clean, minimal design of our watches would match his extravagant stripy exterior! That same afternoon we scampered across to the other side of the island to visit an old Castle in which they used to convert sugar cane into rum. Still to this day, a lot of sugar cane is locally grown and exported to Europe. As we drove past golden fields of the crop growing on either side of the road, we felt a rush of satisfaction and gratitude for being able to experience such a picturesque place.
We are always in awe of the places on earth that exude true beauty, and inspiring Mauritius was definitely one to add to the top of our list. The trip was a fantastic way for us to finish the month of July and bring our KANE Summer campaign to a close. Now we look to new and exciting projects coming into fruition in August. We hope that you experienced some equally fulfilling trips this summer with your KANE Watch! Don’t forget to show us by using the #KANESUMMER, and make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter for information about upcoming events, promotions and to receive special discount codes!
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