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It's Friday afternoon and Father’s Day is just around the corner!
Our fathers have acted as guardians, teachers and idols from day one. We are sure that at one time or another, your fathers were there for you when you needed them. So now is your time to give something back! 
What does Batman, Superman, and your dad have in common? They are all true modern heroes. Find out which hero your father is and thank him properly! With the help of our special Father’s Day offer we hope to make thanking your dad a little cheaper and a whole lot more fun!
Tony Stark’s Silver Steel
Is your dad sophisticated and smart? Does he have a passion for technology and is always buying the newest gadgets? Is your father is an annoyingly eloquent genious like Tony Stark, who can’t stop showing everyone how full of knowledge he actually is? Yet even with his flaws you love him? Then suit him up with the Silver Steel Silver Mesh so he becomes bulletproof like Ironman.
Superman’s Blue Arctic
Does your dad soar through the skies and is blue his favorite color? Is he the quiet hero who moves mountains unnoticed with an S on his chest like Clark Kent? If your dad is the calm and caring Atlas who holds up your world like Superman, then this is your chance to brighten up his day with the Blue Arctic Urban Grey.
Batman’s Black Out
Is your father the watchful observer and guardian of Gotham, like the dark night? His favorite color happens to be black and although he has a good heart you know your father is no angel? If your dad lives a double-life by his own rules but does everything in his power to keep you safe like Batman, then reward him with the perfect tactical accessory – the Black Out Black Mesh!
The Captain’s Black Code
Your dad is deeply ingrained with a sense of duty and honor. He stands for liberty and fights for freedom. If he is a natural born leader, strategist, tactician and Commander, then he might have more in common with Steve Rogers than you think. If your father was like Captain America for you, then equip him with a vintage classic that will make him tick – the Black Code Vintage Brown!
Fathers Day @ KANE Watches
The KANE Watches Team loves their dads too! So out of compassion and to make sure no dad gets left out, we have made it easy for all you sons and daughters out there to say thanks! With any KANE Watch you purchase before June 18th, we are giving you a second watch strap worth 29.00 completely FREE!! That way your heroes have the perfect watch to match both their action suits and their everyday attire.
To claim this offer simply follow the steps below:
  1. Click on this link to go to kanewatches.com.
  2. Add your favorite KANE Watch to your cart.
  3. Click on “Straps” in the top navigation.
  4. Add a second strap to your cart.
  5. Fill in the code FORTHEHEROES and click “Apply”
The amount of 29.00 will be deducted from your order total.
To all the sons and daughters out there:
Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to spy on your father to find out which super-hero he really is, or in case you encounter issue using the special offer code.
To all the fathers out there:
Thank you for everything!
Kind regards,
Christopher Rasker
(Founder of KANE Watches)

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