KAIZEN: 5 Tips to Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

KAIZEN: 5 Tips to Unleash Your Inner Adventurer
Welcome to our second KAIZEN edition of our weekly “5 tips” feature. Hopefully you found some inspiration and assistance from last weeks suggestions of how to hack your time in a wisely and productive manner. As you have seen on our social channels this week, our latest “Melting into Spring” campaign in collaboration with the talented Ramon Klomp is all about discovery and travel. We sent Ramon all the way to the edges of Lapland, Finland to catch a glimpse of the last of the winter snow and capture both our Blue Arctic and Silver Steel watches in these cold but beautiful arctic conditions. “Melting into Spring” is all about exploration and undertaking new voyages and thus this week we share with you 5 tips to unleash your inner adventurer. So, here are 5 ways to use adventure to truly make the most of your precious time:    
Many people crave adventure and travel but unfortunately they believe that they do not have enough money or time. This is a myth. Yes, travelling can be expensive and finding time to pursue your dream trip can be challenging but in reality you can easily balance both. There are many options to travel on a budget such as “couch surfing” for accommodation, hitchhiking for getting around and doing multiple-stop overs on flights, which also gives you a chance to visit more destinations. Depending on where you live in the world, a quick weekend adventure is always a great idea to make the most of a short space of time especially with the abundance of low-cost airlines. Choose a date, plan a quick getaway and make your adventure happen!
Over the past decade, an abundance of psychology research has shown that new experiences are key to happiness. Fear of the unknown can very easily take away your curiosity. One simple solution is to make acquaintance with people who like a little adventure too. Surrounding yourself with people who enjoy similar adventures such as rock-climbing, rafting or dancing the tango in Buenos Aires is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. The people you meet may not be the same as those in your circle of friends—and that’s a healthy thing. Embracing the new will challenge you, keep you refreshed and help develop your thirst for new adventures!
If you have never heard of a “bucket list” before it is a list that people put together of things to do before they “kick the bucket”. Life can pass rather quickly and therefore having a list of goals is important for making sure you really own your time. The main reasons for making a bucket list is to give you purpose, focus and direction in achieving your objectives. How many times have you felt that you underutilized your free time? We have all been there! So to avoid it in the future start today by writing down a few destinations, places or experiences that you would love to discover more about and focus on arranging the time to execute those adventurous goals of yours.
Yes, you have to get up early for this but then you are able to really make the most of your long day ahead of you. Wherever you are, try and find a highpoint facing east and challenge yourself to wake up early and catch the morning sunrise. This will not only start your day in a positive manner but will still give you enough time to complete any minimal tasks that require your attention before your main duties of the day. Small tip: bring enough coffee!
Never be afraid to push yourself past your fears and always keep on challenging what you believe is possible. Set aside your nerves and make sure to live in the moment. Pushing past your limits will keep you on a continuous high propelling you further than you believed possible.
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