KAIZEN: 5 Tips to Hack Your Time

KAIZEN: 5 Tips to Hack Your Time
The Japanese word Kaizen simple means, “change for the better.” KANE is derived from this as we believe in continuous improvement and self-development. Our watches are a symbol of this philosophy and our goal to become the first watch brand to help you hack time and become more productive starts with our weekly “5 tips.” To help you on your journey of continuous improvement we will be sharing tips, tricks and suggestions of how to become your greatest version in line with our “kaizen” beliefs. Without further ado, welcome to our first ever Kaizen feature; 5 Tips to hack your time.
Time is limited. It is the one thing we can never have enough of. Use it to your advantage because it’s your time. At KANE, this philosophy is what we hold very close to our hearts. Not only do we live with this in mind but also we create timepieces that are designed to look and feel great while helping you to stay on time. Living in what seems to be an increasingly fast world the necessity to understand how to manage your time effectively is more important now than ever. So, to begin, here are 5 tips to help hack your time:

1. Turn Time into a game

The famous coach, Bear Bryant was known to treat time as a game. In his mind he set himself game rules that applied to making sure he used his precious time effectively. The game rules are the following:

  • Each morning you get 86,400 seconds as a gift of life.
  • What ever you don't use on that day is forever lost.
  • Each morning your account is refilled, but the game can dissolve all your remaining time anytime without warning.

By defining rules such as these and transforming your time into a “game-like” system will give you a different perspective on how to use your minutes. Breaking your 24 hour day into seconds really gives you an appreciation of each moment, helping to develop your efficiency. 


2. Make a daily to-do list

Most people live one day at a time. The problem with living reactively, although it takes less brainpower, is that it puts the world in control of you rather than vice versa. Having a list of daily “to-dos” enables you to focus on completing each one of those tasks in a focused and productive manner. Additionally, it feels good to physically see yourself checking things off once they are completed giving you a sense of accomplishment and hunger to do more. Create your own schedule; don’t let the outside world do it for you!


3. Start everything by asking yourself, “Why?”

Asking yourself “why” is a simple habit that can help you make better decisions and be more productive. If you don’t have a clear answer and direction for undertaking a particular activity or eating a particular food then you most likely have better options elsewhere. It’s a simple question to ask yourself and one that could have potentially huge payoffs.

4. Immediately do any task that can be completed in a minute, first.

Author Gretchen Rubin described the action of completing small tasks as the “one minute rule.” By accomplishing all the small tasks ahead of you first can give you an immediate sense of progress through minimal effort. A great way to implement this in the start of your day is to make your bed. It can be an annoying task but it only takes one minute of your time and you finish with a feeling of triumph and clean bed for when you return in the evening.

5. Work anywhere you can

Although this particular hack might be limited (depending on your profession) the rise of technology gives our generation a huge advantage of being able to work from our laptops or mobile phones. Many of us commute to work and this can be a great time to get more done such as responding to emails, making quick calls and organizing our week. Be conscious of using the opportunity you have to make productive steps rather than goofing around and if you do you will surely notice the difference!

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