It's Your Time!

It's Your Time!
Happy 2018! It’s the start of another New Year, which brings with it new beginnings and a fresh array of opportunities for us all to explore. We believe that “it’s your time” to fulfill the goals, ambitions or new years resolutions that you have set out for yourself for the next 12 months.
From everyone at KANE, we want to thank you for making December our best ever month since we established the company at the start of 2017! Yes, we were extremely busy making sure that all of your orders where delivered in time for Santa to drop them under your Christmas tree but we were also working on a few exciting projects that will be exposed to you soon! In addition, we were really pleased to discover that our bold Black Out Black Mesh won the Brandfield Watch of the Month award for December and if you want to get your hands on one of our most popular models, follow the link here to shop the style:
It’s your time, and there is no one as capable as finding out what is the most essential task to be completed at a particular moment then you! At KANE we are starting our year with this slogan in mind as we look to develop our collection of essential timepieces while promoting the Japanese essentialist lifestyle. On the 19th January on board the Supperclub Cruise in Amsterdam we will be hosting our first ever Launch Party to celebrate KANE turning One year old, the launch of our new Hollywood commercial and the New Year. All the guests who join us on this celebratory evening will be the first to view our Hollywood directed short film/commercial titled “its your time.” Intertwining the themes of illusion versus reality and set in both 1950’s and modern day Amsterdam, the short film follows an aspiring individual who with his women alongside him and a KANE on his wrist, fights towards reaching his dream. For further information about the Epic Cruise Party and our launch event on January 19th, check out the link here:
We are also delighted to announce that during our event and in line with our Kaizen state of mind, always striving to improve our products, our environment and ourselves, we will be launching a new baby into our collection. The new KANE will be the 6th design in our essential watch range and will be available for pre-release beginning at the Launch event on January 19th. If you are unable to attend the event but would like to get your hands on our new timepiece before everyone else does, sign up to our newsletter via the website and we will keep you in the loop. On Febraury 1st, the new KANE will be available globally via on
So remember, “it’s your time” to start the year running and with the ability to really personalize your KANE watch with six unique interchangeable straps, you can make a statement to yourself and the world that 2018 is your year! We would love to see you at The Epic Cruise Party on January 19th and even though tickets are selling out quick, there are a few spots still open. Stay tuned on all of our social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest to find out more about the upcoming release of our fresh new model.
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It’s Your Time.


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