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Welcome to the Gold Rush!

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“As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time.”

This year we are going for gold, all “Japanese” gold that is and to celebrate our first year anniversary and a New Year we are delighted to introduce you to our latest edition, The Gold Rush. In Japanese culture the gold colour symbolises strength, wealth and prestige. A symbol of personal achievement and like our Gold Club collection, The Rush is a representation of your ambition for first place.
In medieval times Japan was referred to as “the Land of Gold”. In fact, Marco Polo wrote about it in his travels and he risked it all to voyage to this far away land in search of more. Inspired by his ambition and the rush of excitement that comes with achieving any new milestone, the Gold Rush was born.
We like to keep things clean, simple and essential and the design of our latest gold watch encompasses all those qualities while standing out in its own unique form. Perhaps you never saw yourself dressed in gold details, however the subtle accents of the watch and overall soft gold tone fits perfectly with any skin tone from light to dark and everything in between. Sleek in style and created with contemporary trends in mind, the 39mm water-resistant case is an ideal finish alongside a smart and casual outfit. Functionality is equally as important for us as aesthetics, which is why the new KANE continues our fashion of placing the dial at 4pm instead of the standard 3pm to increase comfort. And, like all our watches, the Gold Rush is designed to accommodate interchangeable straps meaning you can customize your new KANE in multiple ways (see the range above for a closer look). Whether you are craving the delights of an all gold “bling” look or a more Vintage timeless feel, our six leather and Milanese mesh straps enable you to create your ideal timepiece in an easy, quick and practical manner. And yes, all of that powered by an efficient Quartz movement heart, is available now for only €129 with FREE international shipping included! Wondering which Gold Rush combination you like best? Check out the collection here to view each design in detail:
So if you have your eyes on the prize and ambition for first place, then the Gold Rush is your medal that will keep you focused on whatever you decide to achieve in 2018. A new year brings new opportunities and we hope that our latest Japanese inspired watch inspires you to be bold in your goals with a determination in your step. Whether it is diving into the culture of uncharted territory like Marco Polo or laying the foundations to your personal journey, KANE is here to support you along the way. Be one of the first to get The Gold Rush here and in turn make a statement that the impossible is nothing and that 2018 is your time. See how this gold may suit your wrist by checking it out here:
And remember with Valentines Day just around the corner we have you and your loved ones covered! Use the code BEMYVALENTIME and receive a FREE strap with any watch purchased before February 14th. We believe that a large part of improving yourself is about sharing your love to others and what a perfect way to do it using our special Valentines discount code to surprise a friend! We have designed all of our watches in such a way that your KANE not only goes wherever you go, it also grows with you and we hope that our newest KANE, the Gold Rush helps you do just that!
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