Introducing "I AM KANE"


We are extremely proud to announce the release of our latest Spring Ad campaign titled “I am KANE.” The production was directed, shot and edited by Hollywood director Brendan G Murphy in Tokyo and Kyoto.

I AM KANE is about us men working towards our full potential.In some way or another we are all on our own journey with personal goals that we want to reach, whether they be financial, social, spiritual etc. In order for us to reach them, we work on them every single day, step by step, little by little. Our ambitions become achievable when we realise it is just about improving 1% each day. With this mindset, the effect is compounded and our efforts stack up so that when you look back over one year, two years, ten years from now we notice the development we have made. This is our potential exponential personal growth and is the basis of our philosophy, “kai-zen” that is the root of our latest ad “I AM KANE.”
Individually translated, the word “kai-zen” means; “change” and “good”. Combined it means “continuous improvement” and that is what KANE stands symbol for – your continuous improvement. In our latest film, this is represented through an iconic Japanese cultural figures, the ninja, who through dedication, focus and mastery become experts in their fields of artistry. A ninja will pass skills from father to son, embracing their ancient philosophy through discipline towards their greatest versions.  
How does this translate to a watch?
KANE stands symbol for your continuous improvement and each timepiece is a stylish yet humble reminder that you are on your own path. All you seek is a higher sense of self and personal satisfaction as you achieve your goals. This attitude is translated in the clean and sleek design of each exclusive timepiece. We call this Japanese minimalism. What is important for us is keeping the essentials. Nothing more. Nothing less. Today’s digital noise can distract you from your personal journey and therefore you need to remind yourself that less is more. It is in minimalism that you can find your clear focus and boundless energy. You can discover the drive that you need to work on yourself – your mission. With a minimalist state of mind you become one with the present moment, a place where time stands still. This is the power  behind our "kai-zen" philosophy, reminding us to cherish each precious moment of time! You can enjoy our latest ad campaing by clicking on the link below or by searching Kane Watches on Youtube.
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