The first KANE Watches collection includes four different minimal men's watch cases. Each one of them represents an individual style. Yet they all fit our minimal approach combining classic and current design.

In this post we focus on another watch case: The Silver Steel, a watch that combines modern masculinity with a timeless design.




Silver seems a surprising colour choice for a watch face. During the last few years you might have seen a lot of men's watch brands going for a white coloured face on their watches. We considered white, although an interesting alternative, we saw it did not really stand out and exude modern masculinity in the way KANE Watches should.

The idea to design a silver men's watch face was to offer something different to our customers. The silver color brings a shine to every look, and is a refreshing alternative to the white watch faces trend. Also, silver keeps a masculine and strong look to it, which is essential for our collection.

Inspired by the Silver Arrows, a simple idea in 1934 that made silver the colour of racing success – success that persists through today. The regulations allowed no vehicle to weigh more than 750 kilograms, however the car weighed one kilogram over.

The manager of the Mercedes-Benz racing team, had the white paint sanded off, leaving a purely aluminium body that sparkled in silver. Just like with the car design, the Silver Steel had to be lightweight and comfortable, yet maintain its shine and strength.

KANE Watches Minimal Men's Watch featuring interchangeable straps. Silver Stainless Steel Minimal Watch for Men.

With its the brushed stainless steel sun ray dial, the Silver Steel offers a new alternative to the traditional watches which can add a new level of sophistication to your outfits.

Check the whole selection of interchangeable straps and adapt your Silver Steel to any occasion. With the quick release strap system your watch will look completely different.
Want to see more? Check all the combinations from our collection here. Check ideas about how to style it on our Instagram.

Watch out: Next week it is the last of the four watch cases. Time for the Blackout.

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