In Focus: Watch Cases - BLUE ARCTIC

KANE Watches Essential Men's Watches Featuring Interchangeable Straps. Blue Arctic. Blue Men's Watch Face Featuring Stainless Steel Strap.

The first KANE Watches collection includes four different minimal men's watch cases. Each one of them represents an individual style. Still they all fit our minimal approach combining classic and current design.

In this post we focus on another watch case: The Blue Arctic which has encapsulated traditional design with a modern upgrade.

KANE Watches Minimal Men's watch featuring interchangeable straps, Blue Arctic watch face for men.


The blue watch face is timeless. You might remember your father, uncle or even your grandfather having had one. It’s a style that has lasted the test of time, and remains a refreshing alternative to black.

With that in mind, we wanted to create a watch that would still appeal to the traditional qualities of the blue face, while staying current and fitting to our minimal men's fashion values. This was achieved through our research that showed various shades of blue and the meanings attached to them. This resulted in our creation of the deep glacier blue sunray dial to complement the masculine watch design.

Inspired by the explorers of our time who set sail across the various oceans, the Blue Arctic is classic and sophisticated, yet current and stylish due to the deep blue sunray dial.






The Blue Arctic can add a new dimension to your look, especially for those who like to wear dark clothing, this watch can add some sophistication to your outfits through its combination of silver and blue.

With the wide range of interchangeable straps you can easily adapt the Blue Arctic to match any look. From street style to your traditional turn out, this face will work. If you want a classic watch, that still offers something different, then go with the Blue Arctic.

Want to see more? Have a look at all the Blue Arctic combinations from our collection here, and see it styled on our Instagram.

Watch out: Next week it is time for another watch case: Silver Steel.



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