In Focus: Watch Cases - BLACKOUT

In Focus: Watch Cases - BLACKOUT

The first KANE Watches collection includes four different men's watch cases. Each one of them represents an individual style. Yet they all fit our essentials approach combining classic and current design.

In this post we focus on the fourth and final watch case to date: the Blackout, the watch for the new generation.


When you see our collection, the Blackout is without doubt our stand out watch. Watches with a black or a blue face are classic and timeless, but this timepiece brings something completely new to the table. A strong indication of this, is the Blackout currently being our best selling watch.

All-black fashion styles have been one of the largest trends for the last few seasons, looks that are simple, with essential clothing have become the modern man's everyday staple. With that idea we designed the Blackout.

The Blackout is a watch designed for men to redefine street style. Strong, simple, and essentially masculine: This watch sums up everything KANE Watches is about, Whilst still bringing an alternative design to our brand.

This watch, unlike others from our collection, is designed  for your everyday wear, orientated towards the urban men's style.

KANE Watches minimal designed watches for men featuring interchangeable straps. All men's watches only €99.00 with free express shipping. The Blackout Face Featuring Black Stainless Steel Mesh Strap.

The Blackout is not totally black, as you would expect. The readable gunmetal grey sun ray dial provides a slight contrast which sets itself apart from any in our collection. (See all). Not to forget the Milanese stainless steel mesh strap with its sandblasted matte black colour adds to the robust feeling of the watch.

For those who like to stick with all black clothing, this watch pairs up well with anything you decide to throw on. While for others who like to experiment with style; the Blackout can add that extra element to complete your look. (See our 17 essentials for 2017 here)

Want to see more? Check all the Blackout combinations from our collection here. For some extra inspiration, see how to style it on our Instagram. 

This was the last of the watch cases introductions see them all here. Which one is your favourite? Share it with us in the comment section!

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