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One of the main characteristics of KANE Watches is the selection of interchangeable straps. They offer a wide range of possibilities.

Why did we design a watch with interchangeable straps?

We identified that men are looking for a watch they can easily wear. From casual street wear to your smart suit and tie. That seemed quite difficult, and in most of the cases you would have to wear a different watch for every occasion. That’s why we have created this collection.


KANE Watches Minimal men's watches with interchangeable straps, All strap possibilities.

The interchangeable straps enable you to adapt your watch to any different situation. With the quick release system your watch remains the same, yet different and perfectly suited for whatever the day has waiting for you. With a simple movement your watch will be transformed and look like a completely new watch.

You make the choice:

The Classic Black strap is a timeless choice that always works and brings a touch of sophistication to any look you want to wear. If you want an easy option, this is the best choice for you.

The Vintage Brown offers a new character on the classic brown color. The strap owns a combination of heritage feel and classic style, yet with a current look.

The concrete buildings of the big cities inspire the Urban Grey strap. It brings new air to street style and it’s an extra addition to your closet.

KANE Watches Interchangeable Straps, Full Strap Collection featuring BLACKOUT

The Silver Mesh has a textured feel and it’s possibly the most versatile strap, as it works for all occasions.

With the blasted black steel, the Black Mesh strap offers a stand out look that brings a new approach to street style, by exuding modern masculinity.

You can always find a strap that matches your wardrobe. Check the whole collection and find your favourite here.

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