How to make the most of your Interchangeable straps

How to make the most of your Interchangeable straps
Straps! Yes we really love them. And do you know why? Because, every strap represents your decision to be who you are at any given moment. Using the quick-release system, which is implemented onto every one of our straps, you can effortlessly elevate your style and customize your KANE by simply changing the straps. Most of us tend to dress for the day once we have woken up, taken a shower and eaten breakfast. Mornings are always a bit of a struggle and we understand that hence why we opted for an incredibly effective way to change the look of your KANE in literally 2 seconds. Currently the KANE collection consists of 6 minimalistic watch faces along with 6 different straps (all displayed below). This means that with one single face you can have 6 totally unique looks. All of the straps we offer give each watch combination a distinct style making it seamless or you to mix and match according to your outfit or the occasion. You never want to be under dressed and small details can be the difference in creating your look as a whole, making sure you perfectly suit the dress code.


Every KANE strap is designed to compliment your watch. The material of each strap is specifically chosen to look great with any watchcase you select and we ensure that by using the finest materials. Our leather straps are 100% smooth genuine Italian leather that adds character and charm to your wrist. The Milanese Mesh straps are water-resistant stainless steel that are finely woven to sit comfortably while you take care of your daily tasks. Each strap is easily adjustable and even more straightforward to switch up with our fast interchange system. Also, at 20mm in width, each strap is the ideal size to sit fittingly at the end of your sleeve. Each leather strap comes with a choice of gold, silver or black buckles. You can always break the rules when it comes to matching your strap to your watch face but it is common to match the color of the buckle to the metal of the case. For example, silver watchcase with a silver strap buckle and a black watch case with a black strap buckle.


Changing your strap could not be easier with our quick-release system. This is how you make your adjustments and be sure to check out our Youtube channel to see exactly how its done.


A new class of minimalism, the KANE Mesh straps redefine any man’s style. Designed to strip the weighted bulk from traditional metal links, the strong Milanese steel is fused for a smooth textured feel. You can be sure that even if you have hairs on your arms, the woven mesh wont pinch them, sitting effortlessly on your wrist. Furthermore, they are suitable for active moments due to its water and sweat resistant properties while the Triple lock security buckle ensures that you never lose your precious KANE. Our sleek mesh watch straps sets you up for whole new category of style. So switch up your watch with this comfortable strap to renew your casual or business look. Available in three color tones; Black, Silver and Gold for only €35.
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A take on modern design, KANE Watches Urban Grey leather strap featuring a Silver Buckle, is influenced by the contemporary concrete structures of cosmopolitan cities. Designed to instill street style, the top-grain grey strap gets its stone texture from genuine Italian leather. This timeless leather watch strap expands your everyday style options.
A new take on a classic design, KANE Watches Vintage Brown leather strap featuring a Gold Buckle brings the finest combination of style, comfort and durability. The rustic brown leather has been oil tanned to withstand the test of time. This traditional brown watch strap supplements sophistication within your style.
An all time essential for men, the KANE Watches Classic Black Leather strap featuring a Black Buckle serves every style. Designed to look sharp, the smooth black leather from Italian cowhide features an oiled tanned natural shine. This tailored black watch strap pairs smoothly with any watch face giving you a true classic option.
All leather straps come with either a black, silver or gold buckle to compliment the metal case of your watch. Available for only €29
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