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Posted by KANE Watches on

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you’ve forgot to buy your loved one a present again

It’s quite a common situation, but no need for panicking, there’s still time to get the right present for this special occasion.


The following ideas are (typical) options that have always worked and can make your partner very happy.

1. A romantic dinner (obviously!) is a guaranteed winner. A nice restaurant and the chance to spend some time alone for the two of you, is always a pleasure. You can find lots of romantic restaurants in your city by using Tripadvisor & Groupon for exclusive deals and offers.

If you just want to give a present, another classic option:

2. Red Roses (other types of flowers are also allowed)

and the typical:

3. Box of Chocolates and a (Teddy) Bear.

Or / And

4. Jewelry is also another (not so easy) choice.

These options are nice and will impress, although they are not the most original of ideas.

KANE Watches minimal designed watches for men featuring interchangeable straps. Classic Valentines Gifts


Valentine’s Day is always a good excuse to go a little trip, and see somewhere new with your loved one. From romantic destinations like Paris & Venice to relaxing trips to countryside hotels far from the maddening crowds.

An always welcome gift, sure to impress, and still an affordable option (if you see our links) and provides you with some time to be away from the stress of work and focus on your relationship.

Websites like D-Reizen (for the Dutch), Red Letters Days (In the UK) or even Groupon, offer some nice priced options.


If you are bold, brave and don’t like sticking to the conventional trusted options, whilst looking to blow the one you love off their feet, here some extra ideas.

KANE Watches minimal designed watches for men featuring interchangeable straps. Brave Valentines Gifts

There are lots of activities you can do that can be exciting, bold and very fun. From skydiving (because nothing says i love you like jumping out of a plane), or driving a Ferrari to SPA Days and Glamping experiences. Choose yours from websites like Red Letters Days.

Haven’t made up your mind yet? Find out additional gift ideas here. Whatever the gift you want to give, try to keep in mind what your loved one likes, needs and loves. This will ensure a much smoother and simpler choice and be much easier to find the perfect gift.

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