KANE Focus Feature: The Black Code

KANE Focus Feature: The Black Code
Clean, minimal and essential. Our Black Code collection is an epitome of the values that we hold true at KANE. Inspired by sophisticated characters like James Bond and Harvey Spectre, the Black Code case is truly a classic, both in color-way and design. This timepiece, with its clean silver details and sharp, bold face is a statement that is intended to breach the barriers of time yet remain a flexible option for any outfit pairing. Ultimately, the Black Code is the simplified personification of the modern gentleman.
 Just as we wish you to reflect the KAIZEN philosophy of continuous self-improvement through your daily lives, we understand that to become a true fella, a man must have a code to live by. This code, similarly to our Black Code collection is more than just a timeless style statement but a reflection of your daily story. The great thing about our Italian leather and Mesh interchangeable straps is that you can combine your Black Code case with any of our four strap selections. With this neat feature, you can dress your watch according to who you are, how you feel and what you are wearing. It might not be easy defining your Code, but the full Black Code collection offers plenty of options to choose from.
Black Code x Classic Black
 This classic combination is for the man whose code is rooted in tried and tested traditions but wants to bring in contemporary design influences to ensure the watch matches current trends. The jet black onyx of the sunray dial face paired with the clean-cut silver polished case creates a harmonious Yin and Yang relationship resulting in a classic for the modern era. If you desire a watch that is smart, practical and timeless, the Black Code with our Classic Black leather strap is ideal for you.
Black Code x Vintage Brown
As the name suggests, the Black Code Vintage Brown is a high quality watch with lasting value. The razor sharp focus of this case has been merged with the durability of the suede Brown Vintage strap to help you own the day. Let this watch be your trustworthy sidekick, edging you on to seek and seize new opportunities. If you are a well-dressed adventurer and a fashion-savvy explorer, the Black Code Vintage is the watch for you.
Black Code x Urban Grey
This watch is for the unsung heroes. Whether at a formal or casual occasion, the Black Code Urban Grey will cater to whatever dress code is required. The sharp lines of the 39mm case along with the concrete textured, oil-tanned grey strap creates a unique combination that accentuates modern street-chic. If you are often required to switch between suits and casual clothing, this watch will ensure you look effortlessly elegant with both attires.
Black Code x Silver Mesh
Sophisticated and refined. The Black Code combined with the silver stainless steel mesh strap is the archetypal KANE Watch. Whether placed on the end of a steam-pressed suit cuff or tucked ever so slightly underneath a casual sports jacket, the Black Code Mesh sharpens up any of your outfits. The practical and clean design of this watch is for the stylish and productive gentleman.
Black Code x Black Mesh
One of our newer Inverse models, the Black Code case and the powerful matte black Milanese Mesh strap come together to produce a uniquely eye-catching combination. The Black Code Black Mesh is definitely something special for true progressives, as the watch sets an exemplary precedent for bi-color strap and case combinations. This amalgamation of timeless classic design and urban monochrome is for those who appreciate fine details and minimal aesthetics. We all want to turn heads, and our Inverse Black Code model will certainly do that!
End of KANE Summer Giveaway
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