Essential Accessories for Spring

Essential Accessories for Spring
 The sun is out at least a few days each week and the tulips are in full bloom – real Spring has finally arrived! That means our winter gear is crammed into boxes for at least another seven months, giving way to lighter and tighter Spring and early Summer threads, and the dark shades and jet accents of our winter accessories are replaced by brighter fades and iridescent colors. What better time to shave off some of the excessive layers that hang over us during the winter months, and focus on the small details and accessories that go with your outfits. In fact, spring is the perfect time to flaunt your deets!
As we celebrate the recent launch of our Inverse Models, an ideal way to spring some fresh life into classic and more established styles, we have decided to pitch a selection of style accessories and trend items that we feel are essential for spring fashion. Whilst we recognize that each one of your KANE Watches is a perfect example of an accessory, we appreciate that reading about only watches week after week can become a bit monotonous. Therefore, in this blog post we have embraced a wider perspective and focus on what lies above and below the wrist. Lets start all the way at the bottom and work our way up.
The Chelsea Boot
Probably the most iconic and essential item of footwear to surge into popularity over the past year (and still going strong) is the Chelsea Boot. It is easy to understand why these footwear items have become a necessity as they provide a smart finish to any casual outfit making them a great and comfortable choice to wear for any occasion. Below, @wouterkaan shows us his black leather Chelsea boots in both his beautifully laid out flat lays, and pairs these with the Silver Steel Classic. The light reflective sunray dial of the silver watch face compliments the glint of the polished black leather of both strap and boots. 
When it comes to shoes that you walk in all day and expose to all sorts of uncontrollable and often undesirable elements, leather is probably your best choice for Spring, as this seems to be the season of temperamental change and lets be honest, rain. You would be surprised at how much your shoes say about a man and therefore the Chelsea boot is a safe bet for a stylish and practical ensemble.
The White Sneaker
Alternatively, a footwear choice for the sunnier days in Spring are classic white sneakers, such as the Adidas Stan Smith’s sported by @jeromeguerzon below. These timeless kicks can be combined with shorts, chinos, short-sleeve relaxed fits, denim jackets or any of your other Spring favourite.
Especially when combined with tops in pastel shades of blue, dark denim or black trousers, and of course the KANE Watches Blue Arctic Mesh, white sneakers really pop! Kicks add a certain element of casual to any already super stylish outfit, and the fresh white color gives your outfit a bright accent to perfectly complete your Spring looks.
Man Bracelets
As we move up and along in the list of our spring accessories, we arrive at the wrist, a place usually reserved exclusively for your KANE. However, we recently came across a men’s bracelet brand for which we can make an exception. The bracelets by @aurumbrothers are unique and custom works of art made of polished spheres of precious and semi-precious crystals, minerals and gemstones. Each bracelet is custom made to size and each stone has a personal story attached to it. 
The Minimal Silver White Howlite is a very calming stone whose strong positive energies can be used to relieve tensions or stress, and would match perfectly with a Silver Steel Mesh or Urban.
Just like our KANE Watches, man bracelets are an essential accessory that can be used to compliment short-sleeved Spring garments, and dress an otherwise empty wrist more interesting. Spring accessories are all about accents and details, and the bracelets by Aurum Brothers are definitely one of the right ways to do it.
The Pork Pie
With its roots in the 1830’s, and popularized by the likes of Buster Keaton in the 1920’s the Pork Pie is an ancient accessory classic. Yet also more recently, perhaps in partial grattitude to Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg, Pharell Williams, or Kit Neale’s runway showcase of bright and primary coloured models a few years back, the Pork Pie has really been picked up by the new generation.
Different to a Fedora, the Pork Pie has a signature flat top and short brim, making the hat perfect to add an accent of sharp and classic feel to the smarter of your lighter and tighter Spring outfits. Match a straw or cream-colored Pork Pie (left) with a Silver Steel Vintage, a Grey hat (center) with the Black Code Urban, and a black felt Pie (right) with a Black Code Mesh to really impress.
That’s it that’s all folks! - At least for now. We know that we have only barely scratched the surface of the accessory world, but we hope that some of our choices in this selection have inspired you to spice up your details and step up your accessory game this spring!
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