KANEtober - Back in Black

Happy Halloween everyone and the end of another month is here! You are probably preparing your Halloween costume, carving pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns, lighting bonfires, watching the newly released season of Stranger Things or about to go trick or treating and that’s why we love this time of year! While we enjoy seeing extravagantly dressed Halloween goers in the streets of Amsterdam, at KANE, as usual, we are keeping it clean, simple and essential, which is just how we like it. That’s why this month we are Back in Black and to celebrate we are giving you a chance to receive a FREE strap worth €29 with any Black Out watch purchase this season! All you have to do is use the code: BACKINBLACK at checkout on www.kanewatches.com.
Henry Ford once said about his cars, “you can have any color you want as long as it’s black.” Now we aren’t as strict as Ford when it comes to our own designs and color ways, however we do have affection for all things black. This is why we created the Black Out collection. Powerful, unique and bold, the Blackout Collection is our watch for this season. As you may have read in our last Styles of the Month blog post, the autumn season brings a final flavor of color before the winter grey and therefore, adding a bright shade or detail to your outfit can be a nice way to compliment this time of year. But you don’t want to over do it! Thankfully, Black Out collection is a beautiful monochromatic set of minimal watches that keeps it classy while celebrating the timeless style of black.
Our Black Out watches are a perfect companion to your Halloween festivities but these watches are for all occasions as you can never go wrong with an addition of black to any outfit. Like the rest of our watches in our KANE range, the Black Out comes with five distinct combinations thanks to our smart and easy interchangeable strap feature. Three of which are genuine leather from Italy and two that are made from Milanese metal mesh. For those of you who think like Henry Ford, the Black Out Black Mesh and Black Out Classic Black are monochromatic splendors that stand out strongly on your wrist. Both of these combinations are sleek, modern and seductively cool whether you are rocking a three-piece suit or a casual long sleeve T. Our other Milanese mesh pairing, the Black Out Silver Mesh adds contrast between the case and strap creating a fresh and contemporary street style feel. If you are searching for something more classic and traditional then our Black Out Vintage Brown is an essential with its rustic and oil tanned leather features. Finally, the Black Out Urban Grey is for the busy city-living gentleman who does not want to compromise style over comfort in the form of something truly unique.
Therefore, don’t only stand out this season with your imaginative Halloween costume, go a step further and add one of our suave Black Out watches to your wardrobe this Autumn. Black is timeless and you can be sure that even after Halloween has ended, your Black Out timepiece will capture the moment and add a touch of classy simplicity to any of your outfits. So hurry while our offer stands! Head over to www.kanewatches.com and claim a FREE strap with any Black Out watch purchase using the code, BACKINBLACK.
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