Are you actually making a unique style statement with your Rolex?

Are you actually making a unique style statement with your Rolex?

It’s a huge problem!

So many guys have a hard time finding the perfect watch.

They look at the Rolex’s of this world and wonder why anyone would buy such an expensive timepiece.

Even if you can afford one: how do you know which luxury watch is right for you...

Do you look at just the design? The movement? The price?

The good thing is, choosing the right watch doesn’t have to be a big decision, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either.

In fact, it’s about to get real simple!

Because, if you are the type of guy who likes keeping his style clean, then you’ll already know that–––less is more boosts your style score!

And keeping it clean is exactly what KANE is all about.

KANE is a premium niche watch brand with an unconventional approach to watchmaking because we only have a handful limited styles.

And they are all under $200 bucks.

All you have to do is pick your favorite color: black, silver, blue or gold.

This makes it super simple to decide, just take a look at the collection here at the official online store.



Unlike popular and commercial watch brands, your exclusive KANE watch is designed to match perfectly with everything you wear.

You'd be surprised how many guys get their second or third watch at the official KANE online store, just because they love the simplicity of their KANE.

Trust me, you’ll feel confident wearing it with a dress shirt to work because it easily looks like a $400-$500 dollar minimalist timepiece.

And the best part is, it’s clean lines and low profile design that catch everyone’s attention without trying too hard.

In fact, it’s going to look so good, your friends will wonder where you got such a sleek and elegant watch.

Just imagine how everyone will start complimenting you on the refined minimalist design and say how good it looks on you.

KANE is easily the right minimalist watch for you.

Instead of a Rolex or any other luxury watch brand, it’s actually affordable and the missing piece to compliment your clean style.

You have nothing to lose, because like you would expect from longstanding Japanese watchmaking, each KANE is built to last and includes an extended 2 Year International Warranty in the rare case you need a repair.

So why not see for yourself how easy it is to mix and match your KANE with anything you wear?

All you have to do is pick your favorite color at the official online store here.


Christopher, founder of KANE

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