A KANE Summer: Sneak Peek

KANE Watches Summer Blue Arctic Urban Grey Minimal Mens Watch
Whilst we started into Summer late, we started strong and were blessed with some of the hottest days of the year! However, at least here in Amsterdam the season still doesn’t quite seem to have made up its mind about what it wants to give us. In the last few weeks temperatures have dropped and we are getting rain, a lot of rain. But we encourage everyone not to despair and stay positive, because the next block of sunny days is always just around the corner! And what better way to spend a rainy day than to plan all the things you still want to do this summer. Last week the KANE Watches Team did exactly that and now we want to give you a sneaky preview at what we have in store for you in July – So kick back, relax and enjoy this sneak peak at a KANE Summer!
Far from over, the Summer has really just begun and loads is happening out there. It is no surprise that everyone loves Summer! Because simply put, beside the warm weather no other time of the year is so filled with roaring music festivals, smokey barbecues, and mild mid-summer nights spent sitting outside of restaurants and bars drinking with friends. Yet in the spirit of Kaizen we urge you to remember that Summer is also a time to be healthy – eat well, hit the gym, or spend days on the beach surfing and playing volleyball. In either case you are always in need of a stylish companion that will match whatever you do and whatever you wear.
None of our models are better suited for this in the summer season than the Blue Arctic and the Silver Steel. Whether you are in need of something light and smooth to go with pastel items or looking to add a bright dash of color to your summer outfits, the possibilities offered by these two watch cases are endless.

The Blue Arctic

The glacier sunray dial face of the Blue Arctic sparks adventure and reflects the striking colors of stormy blue oceans. Empowered to go further and beyond the traditional color way of royal blue, this watch is an essential upgrade for the modern gentleman explorer. Take this unique watch to a beach day barbecue or become the hero of a pool party with it - but remember, mind your KANE. We are only water resistant to 5ATM, not waterproof. What does that mean? It means you can go shower with your watch or get splashed on at a pool party, but you don’t want to take me swimming or diving for sunken treasures. See the full collection of Blue Arctic watches here: 
The Silver Steel
The second equally awesome watch case it the magnificent 1934 Silver Arrow inspired Silver Steel. The Silver Steel sunray dial is light and radiant. Its design is classic and timeless, yet offers a refreshing alternative to the trend of white watch faces. Let it sit on the cusp of white linen suit, effortlessly looking good for Sensation White festival, or take it on a smart-casual boat ride through the canals to add an element of sophistication to your outfit. See the full collection of Silver Steel watches here:
In the case of both watch faces it is the range of charismatic straps that dramatically alters the character of the timepiece and makes true versatility possible. With one watch strap you can match most outfits, but with two or more watch straps you can match every outfit! All with only one watch for €99!
See the full collection of interchangeable straps here:


KANE Summer Offer

Whether you are, on a canal boat ride, at a pool party at the W, or chilling at the beach in Scheveningen, Zandvoort, and Bloemendaal, KANE Watches want to be with you every step of the way! Therefore for the month of July only, in celebration of Summer, we are giving you a second watch strap completely free with every Blue Arctic or Silver Steel you purchase!
Follow these 5 simple steps to claim your FREE strap:
1. Go to kanewatches.com
2. Add a Blue Arctic or Silver Steel watch to your basket.
3. Click on Straps in the top navigation.
4. Add your second strap to your basket.
5. Use the code KANESUMMER at checkout.
    The value of the strap (€29.00) will be deducted from your order total.
    This FREE strap offer is valid until 12:00AM CET on July 31st, 2017.
    KANE Summer Events
    Since Summer is also all about traveling and holidays, keep your eyes on our Blog page where we will release two new KANE on Tour Posts in the second and third week of July. Follow our Blue Arctic to France and marvel at the adventures of the Silver Steel in Mauritius! Until then have a browse through our existing blogs here: https://www.kanewatches.com/blogs/news
    As you know, at KANE we believe in improvement. We have a deep desire to improve our products, ourselves, and the world we live in. Therefore for we decided that we would make the world just a little cleaner this Summer. In light of this we are planning a Beach Clean-Up Day at the end of the month. For this Event we are inviting all friends, family, influencers, ambassadors or anyone connected to the KANE Watches Familia to come down and help out. We will provide some refreshments and snacks at a victory BBQ that will follow the clean up! View our Facebook Page in the next weeks for information about the event.
    Also keep an eye out for some free goodies this month. Who knows, maybe the next KANE Watches Give Away is just around the corner? Check our Facebook Page and Instagram regularly so you don’t miss it.
    Last but not least important, throughout the month of July we will be using
    #KANESUMMER to communicate with you and spread the good summer vibes. So if you want to show off some of the cool things you are up to this summer, whether it's with a KANE on your wrist or where you would like to have one, use #KANESUMMER for a chance to get featured!
    Questions or Comments? Want to know more?
    Reach out to us via Facebook or Instagram.
    If you are interested in becoming one of our influencers drop us an email to social@kanewatches.com
    Keep it Clean. Simple. Essential.
    And have a KANE Summer!

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