KAIZEN: 5 tips to Live the Essentialist Lifestyle

In Japan, the Sakura Festival, which takes place as soon as the first blossom has bloomed marks the start of the Spring season. We know Sakura as Cherry blossoms, a symbolic flower of the spring that represents a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their life is very short. The Sakura is a reminder of the precious nature of time and how important it is to make the most of it. So this week, In line with the Sakura season we will be giving you 5 tips to help you live the essentialist lifestyle with examples from Author Greg McKeown best selling book, Essentialism—The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Essentialism is a lifestyle that helps you focus on the necessary and get rid of the "noise". All of our watches are created with this in mind, keeping our designs minimalistic, clean and simple to give you a timepiece that, well, gives you what you want, the time. After reading this we hope you are inspired to live more of an essentialist lifestyle in an attempt to help you truly hack your time.  


As we all very well know, every day we are constantly told by either our friends, family, work-colleagues and the media how we should be living. But don’t you want to do things in the way that you want too? Of course you do and you should! However, until we actually take the time to prioritize our own actions we will always be tied to the expectations of others. So claim your own time and don’t let the opinions of others distract from your vision.  




We all wish that we could have and do anything that we want and some of us may even believe it. If you look briefly at some of the most successful people you will notice that most have got to where they are due to being focused and becoming a master at one particular discipline. This is a sign to recognize the importance of clarity. McKeown, the author of “Essentialism” argues that we first need to decipher and then make trade-offs in order to pursue what is most important to us. Eliminate the non-essential to spend your time with things that truly matter. 


Most people in the world live their lives by responding to what is occurring outside of them. Instead, the essentialist recognizes where his or her focus must be and then as a result is able to act accordingly. This rule is all about making conscious decisions yourself so that you can decipher how to approach situations. Even if unexpected events occur that cause an in-balance you are able to return quickly and efficiently to your design. 


Many of us have the perception that sleeping means wasting time. Statements such as “I could be spending my time working and making money instead of sleeping” are commonly heard. However, it is scientifically proven that sleep is vital to various aspects of brain function including concentration, productivity and performance. The truth is that sleeping a good 7-8 hours (ideally) every day is a choice you are able to make as an investment in yourself. You might be able to cope now but as you grow older the importance of arranging plenty of time to sleep is even greater.    


At KANE the phrase “less but better” is held close to our philosophy when it comes to our designs as well as our daily actions. Simplifying what we want to say, write or do can result in more efficient and productive results as we cancel out the unnecessary noise. The easiest way in which to try and live in a more “less but better” manner is to apply it to your wardrobe. Do pile of clothes fall out on you once you open up your closet? If yes, then you may think about decluttering the things that are not essential and focusing on a few quality items. Make sure everything serves a purpose and isn’t cluttering your view for nothing.
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