17 Essentials for 2017

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The New Year is here, and it can be a good moment to add some new essentials to your closet. But, which essentials should we add?


First of all, a KANE Watch (of course). Easy to wear and adaptable to any outfit.

For the winter month’s scarves are always handy. The best option is to choose these items in plain colors like grey, so they match any outfit.

Another accessory your wardrobe needs is a backpack. The size will depend on your needs and activities, but try to stick to colors that match your clothes.

KANE Watches Minimal Men's watch featuring silver steel face

📸: @bootsandsuits


Jeans are an all time essential. A pair of black jeans and also some skinny jeans will be an easy option.

Shirts work with almost any outfit, choosing a white shirt as well as a black shirt, will help you to create many looks. For the casual outfits, a basic tee in plain colors will do the trick.

To fight the low temperatures go for Winter Wool items, they are easy to combine and very comfortable. Also hoodies can be a choice for a sportier outfit.

Lastly, a clothing item all closets need is a leather jacket. Black is usually the easiest choice, but other colors like brown can work just as well. (If they match your closet and style.)

KANE Watches Minimal Men's watches, featuring black code  

📸: @bootsandsuits


Finding the right shoes, it’s not such an easy task.

If your style is casual, and you are more into sneakers. The always classic Stan Smith's are a great investment, also black Vans never go out of style. Choose the ones that fit your essentials better.

Converse are a very popular sneaker, but not so sporty, which works with a wide range of outfits.

@wouterkaan Men's chelsea boot

Wouter Kaan. (2016). 7K followers! Celebrating with some Chelsea's. Available: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKAR-0YBMmS/?taken-by=wouterkaan. Last accessed 19/12/2016.

Chelsea Boots and Monk shoes are great choices to step outside the sneaker world, and they can add sophistication to your style.


For those who want to find a simple and comfortable shaving kit, Boldking provides a great option at an affordable price.

@wouterkaan's grooming set

(Photo:@wouterkaan. (2016). Good Grooming Friday. Available: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOE3pOoh6Dg/?taken-by=wouterkaan. Last accessed 19/12/2016.)

These are our 17 essentials for 2017. What are yours?

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