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You know those moments when you finally cross the hurdle and see yourself sprinting towards the finish line? Or that instant of satisfaction that you feel when you complete something that seemed initially impossible to finish? That right there is called progress. And without progress, great achievements are not possible. 
Our Gold Club collection (one of two Gold tinted watches in our essential range) was designed for those golden moments. We created the Club as a reminder to continuously live in the KAIZEN spirit of constant improvement. If you are someone who recognizes your own personal achievements however small or large they may be, the Gold Club collection was intended for you. Inspired by Tokyo’s Nightlife, the Gold Club has an elegance that sits incredibly smoothly on your wrist, acting as a reminder to become your best version, day or night.

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It is rare to come across a watch that is perfectly balanced, giving you just the right look to accentuate your outfit. But we feel like we did it with the Gold Club watch! The black face combined harmoniously with a hint of subtle “Champagne Gold” details makes this your next statement piece. The case and golden hands of the face has just the right amount of shine enabling you to stand out in both day and night, without being too loud.


Inspired by Japanese minimalism, the Gold Club consists of the key essentials to make sure your able to focus on what really matters during the day, your time. Whatever interchangeable strap you choose to compliment with your face, the Gold Club that you create is a refined touch of Gold that fits at the end of your cuff. Matched with either a dapper black shirt or a plain white T, the beauty of a minimalistic design truly comes through.


Each KANE is developed to be worn comfortably throughout your day. Our purposeful design completes your look with a lightweight, ultra thin, clean frame. In fact, because we use a Japanese Quarts Movement within each of our watches, we are able to craft each case to be only 7.5mm thick. This gives you a timepiece that you can wear at all times without feeling like your wrist is having to carry something heavy and uncomfortable Nobody wants that! To guarantee the most comfortable experience, the crown is uniquely placed at 4pm to ensure you can take the Gold Club with you from the office to the club!


Its time to get in on this new class of Gold. Shop each Gold Club combination and get FREE international shipping including a 2 year guarantee.


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